The Software Testing profession is one, which allows a specialist to have his H-1B visa processed. Indeed, thousands of Software Testing professionals are working in the US on a H-1B visa.

Unfortunately, completion of the training program offered by Portnov Computer School alone is not going to be enough to find a US company interested in hiring you and processing your H-1B visa. You should probably have more skills, relevant work experience, and educational qualifications to satisfy legal requirements applicable to approving H-1B applications.

On the top of that we have quota limitations, which is another potential obstacle on your way to employment in US.
Despite all the uncertainty involved, we have students currently on H-4 visa expecting to get their H-1B processed. When it comes to doing a real Software Testing job, or going to an interview, then both our classroom training and the internship experience will help a lot.

We can keep you on multiple internship projects (in-house OR on-site) for as long as it takes you to get the visa processed.

Disclaimer: under no circumstances we might be considered as a prospective H-1B visa holder for a graduate. More over, our referral capability is limited to individuals with legal employment authorization in place.