For many employers, our internship program is a risk-free (“try before you buy”) way to hire qualified software testers. 

Some companies consider our internship program to be an alternative to outsourcing short-term projects to offshore teams. Others like giving a chance to new SQA field recruits if it does not cost much to their companies.

There is no QA Manager and no company who calls the Portnov Computer School and asks for interns with no technical and/or no communication skills. Nobody asks for people with bad attitudes, not willing to work hard, interested in entitlements rather than learning opportunities.


Here are the requirements you will meet to qualify for the internship placement:

  • being in a good standing financially (tuition paid in full)
  • being in a good standing academically (getting no less than 70% score on tests)
  • passing Mock Interview (questions and answers are provided)
  • passing the Internship Clearance procedure focusing on performance (rather than knowledge)
  • in some cases the Clearance comes from project leads or/and instructors who can recommend you based on continuous performance in class and/or on projects


Our staff members conducting Mock Interviews and Internship Clearance Interview will provide students with a feedback and exact recommendations on how to improve the results. Graduate is allowed to schedule next Mock Interview or Clearance Interview once a week. Take your time and take our recommendations seriously.

We have many graduates who get three internship offers from three interviews. And we also have graduates who might need 7-10 interviews to succeed, which is perfectly fine.


There is just one more requirement coming out of that:

  • After each internship interview the graduate is required to report the interview questions along with her answers, so we can work on eliminating the weaknesses - we know the questions, actually. We need to know your answers.