A new Test Automation class that may lead to employment.


Marina Leitman - Senior QA Director at DTCI Disney with 20+ years of industry experience. She supervises over 150 employees and manages the hiring and training processes of novice staff members in her team.

After successful completion of the class, the best students will be offered a job in her company.


Knowledge of automation or previous programming experience is not needed; you will start learning from scratch! During the course, you will be taught everything you need to know to get hired by Marina Leitman.
The skills you will acquire are universal to automation in any programming language, and you will be able to apply them to any framework.
Is it possible to get a job after this course? Yes! Coding is the same as writing. Basically, you start writing at the 1st-grade level, work up to middle school, go on to the high school level, and maybe become a Shakespeare. So, by association, this class will give you the basics, and you will be able to automate at the middle school level - but it will work! After that, everything will be in your hands: you can stop at this level or you can keep learning and progressing. There will be 12 lessons with unlimited after-class support.


  • How to setup automation framework from scratch (Behave/Selenium/Python)
  • How to find elements in Selenium using XPath (not only the simple Xpaths but actually the most complex ones that will allow you to collect any data from the page)
  • How to use Python for the automation (basic Python syntax that will allow you to automate any UI page)

Lesson 1:       Introduction to Selenium/Behave/Python framework
Homework:    Setting up the framework with detailed instructions
1-3 hour of support is provided after class
Lesson 2:       Creating first automated test case using knowledge from the first lesson
Homework:    Creating ( automating ) 5-10 test cases
1-3 hours of after-class support are provided
Lesson 3:       Xpaths and Variables
Homework:    Working on 4-5 different Brainteasers
1-3 hours of after-class support are provided
Lesson 4:       XPaths + Conditions and different options of handling error messages
Homework:    Modifying existing test cases making them look more officiant
1-3 hours of after-class support are provided
Lesson 5:       Error handling and starting Loops
Homework:    Working on the new scripts using conditions and loops
1-3 hours of after-class support are provided
Lesson 6:       Overview of previously learned concepts
Homework:    Creating/automating new 10 test case
1-3 hours of after-class support are provided
Lesson 7:       Loops (Python) + Behave hooks
Homework:    Modifying/Improving existing test cases making them more efficient
Lesson 8:       Different types of waits in Selenium and types of Loops in Behave
Lesson 9:       Tagging, debugging, setting up the framework to run with different browsers
Lesson 10:     Setting up the project in the Git repeating material
Lesson 11:     Test + Interview questions in Selenium

12 lecture hours + 26 lab hours

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