Loosing a job is the time when many men and women ask themselves if that is the career change time. In many cases the career transition gets easier because of financial support provided by WIA (Workforce Investment Act of 1998) program. 

If you have an inclination for an intellectual work, if you have passion for quality inside of you, if you are not afraid of working hard and being challenged with new evolving technology on everyday basis - then Software Testing career might be the one to consider.

Software Testing (Software Quality Assurance) is a unique IT job market niche for those who have limited time frame to change career path to a dynamic well paid profession.

The profession is relatively easy to learn. Simply put the job of a software tester is in finding and reporting differences between actual behavior of a software product and its expected behavior. The more technical knowledge the person has the more jobs that person could qualify for. But even with fairly limited technical skills, you can test many web applications from the user stand point. For example, E-mail, online retail store, web-communities, online banking, games, educational services, and many others.

There are many technical definitions of the "Software Testing" or "Software Quality Assurance" terms you can find on the WEB.

We at Portnov Computer School define Software Testing as your  chance to change your life.