Software QA Testing deserves serious consideration if you are thinking of a career change opportunities. There are many reasons for that:

  • Your previous professional experience and education count. Think about software you use in your professional field - someone tested that software. That person possesses knowledge of the field as well as the knowledge of Software Testing.
  • Age is not a problem. Many companies value stability of a QA person, her maturity, understanding of quality, tolerance to routine work
  • In each profession there is a component of quality control, verification of what you do. It is not testing the software per say, but it is a transferable skill.
  • It takes just 3-6 month to learn the Software QA and you can keep your job while attending the school. And the training is very affordable...
  • The first job will pay $25-35 per hour or $55K-65K a year. Within 2-3 years the compensation will easily grow to $40-$60 per hour or $80K-$100K
  • We are here to walk you through each and every step and  we have being doing that since 1994 with 2000 successful graduates. You are getting training and job placement force behind you - the Portnov Computer School

Do your research about the profession and us as your guides to the employment in that profession. Visit the school, audit a few sessions, talk to the students, instructors, administration. It might be your life time opportunity.