Completion of Software Testing Internship is a graduation requirement at Portnov Computer School. Working for Silicon Valley companies as trainees our students will get a credit towards their successful graduation.

We have established Software Testing/QA internship programs with tens of software companies located throughout the Silicon Valley, and the list keeps growing.

Participation in the internship program is very important in building the marketability of our graduates. Working as interns, the graduates gain confidence and real work experience. Over 30% of internships result in job offers extended by the companies with which you intern.

Since many students are working full time and supporting themselves, their ability to participate in full-time internships is very limited or non-existent. To accommodate needs of graduates who cannot commit to a full-time internship, we have ongoing remote internships. The school operates as a testing site for multiple offshore development projects and offers an internship which is available to each student in a good standing. Participation in the remote testing internship does not impair student's eligibility for our regular internship program.

The Intern positions may or may not be budgeted and the term of an internship varies from one month to three months (8-10 weeks in average), based on particular assignment.

Classes are conveniently packaged into career change programs such as QA Express (morning schedule), QA Flex (night-time schedule), Full-Time (out of area students only). To qualify for an internship, the training program should be taken and successfully completed.