The Internship Program with Galina

* Participate in a hands-on real life web application software testing project (both manual and automated)
* Perform Rest API testing using Developers tools and Postman
* Practice Test Automation with Selenium Webdriver, Java and Cucumber, building locators for the elements on web page
* Use Jira – Agile management tool with X-ray plugin
* Write and execute SQL queries for back-end testing
* Get familiar with Jenkins for CI/CD
* Utilize version control tools: Git/GitHub
* Write Test Cases (positive, negative, boundary) & Bug reports
* Perform various types of testing: regression, build acceptance/smoke, browser/device compatibility, usability, GUI
* Get hands-on with Agile environment/company processes
* Participate in Scrum rituals: Stand Up meetings, Sprint plannings and Retrospectives
* Practice with interview questions
* Have online support in group and individual chats.

Pay here

For payment via Zelle please use email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.