Very often we are getting questions from US residents who have employment authorization if finding employment in Software QA field might be a problem because they do not have US Citizenship?

As a practical matter - there is no limitation even though a small percentage of QA jobs would require security clearance and even sometimes US citizenship. The job market is so big and so much demanding that you can completely disregard that limitation.

We have students on many different visas and they ask lots of visa-related questions. Whatever your visa limitations might be, please, consult with a licensed immigration attorney - we at the school are not practicing an immigration law and definitely we cannot provide sound advice of a legal nature.

Some visa types impose critical limitations on our ability to place students as interns with local companies. If you are a Green Card holder, have EAD (Employment Authorization Document) or L2 visa there will be no visa related issues interfering with your internship placement.

Lets focus on the study. We have lots of things to be done in that direction.