How long it takes to complete the program?

Most of the graduates get a job in between 4-6 month on the program. 3-4 month are normally needed for the classroom part of the training. After that you need another 2 month for your internship. But very often things happen in parallel. You might start the internship 2 month after you join the school. Lots of students start sending resumes out 2-3 weeks before final day of their internship. Some students do internships on-line (we have a few projects like that) and they are ready to look for a job in 2-3 month. The school counselor works with each student individually. In general we support those who want to get a job sooner.

Can I get an internship through Portnov School if I learned QA somewhere else?

We can consider a non-graduate of our school to be referred for an internship on availability basis. There will be technical test offered and face-to-face interview required before we approve an individual for such a referral. It will not save you money though compare to what our student would spend to qualify for an internship.

Which classes should I take?

We have classes packaged into morning (QA Express) and Night (QA Flex) programs. Each program comes with 4 classes, QA project and internship placement. So, there is no need to choose classes – just chose the timing.

Are there any discounts?

There is no extra charge for 9 self-paced online classes, 25 hours of QA project, resume preparation. We prefer to add value to the classes instead of offering less value at lower price.

How do I pay? Can I use credit cards?

We accept checks, credit cards, money orders, PayPal - no cash, please

Will the school place me after the internship?

Each program (QA Express, QA Flex, Full-Time) comes with internship built in. To qualify the student should be in good standing financially and academically. After completion of the internship the school provides job placement assistance.

Is internship guaranteed?

Since 2004 we never failed to provide all the graduates with an internship

I already took training. Can I just get an internship?

We give you the test first. Based on the test results we will design custom curriculum to develop your skills further. To qualify for an internship you would have to take 4 classes at the full price.

If on H1B or H4 visa will I get an internship?

You are guaranteed to get one on the school premises (we test 3-4 projects at a time). Off campus internship placement is not guaranteed, but it is possible.

What are prerequisites?

We administer an enrollment test. Then, normally we talk to each and every prospect to make sure the person will benefit from the program. We take into consideration your education, work experience, communication skills, attitude and commitment to the career change.

Starting salary and how much in one year?

Right after the internship most of the students would obtain employment in $25-35 per hour range. In today’s job market we suggest all the graduates to use $65-75K as a benchmark for reasonable compensation with one year of experience. We will help you to get there if you are not at that level in one year.

Can I get a job without Computer Science Degree?

Computer Science degree is not required to get a job in Software QA field. It helps though to grow faster in your new career

How the job market is doing?

The job market in Software QA field is the best since collapse of the Internet Boom. With that said, the demand/supply ratio outside of Silicon Valley is much better than in the Valley itself. We have locally the highest demand, but we also have the largest supply.