Artem Oganesyan – experienced IT professional in financial sector. Developed large scale projects for e-Banking with microservice architecture and highest requirements on fault-tolerance and scalability.


This course is developed to provide practical skills and understanding of cutting-edge technologies and techniques for working with cloud services such as Amazon Cloud and microservice infrastructure. The course will cover: the basics of computer networking; introduction to Linux operating systems; working with Docker containers and Kubernetes; using Selenium Grid for advanced testing scenarios; using Amazon Cloud services in QA workflows. The course is aimed at quality engineers. After completing the course, you will be able to use these technologies at work and test the software built on its basis. You will also gain the necessary knowledge to be certified under the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner program, which will expand your opportunities for employment as a QA Engineer.


  • Computer networking
  • Cloud services
  • Linux for QA Engineers
  • Virtualization and Docker
  • Shell script automation
  • Kubernetes infrastructure
  • Amazon Cloud Services
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
  • Using Selenium Grid and Zalenium

40 hours of live training via Zoom + 20 lab hours
Total cost: $1350
Promotional price is $650


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