At Portnov Computer School we have career changers coming from all the thinkable engineering and scientific backgrounds including but not limited to Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Electronics, Telecommunications, Chemical Engineering, Biology, Micro-Biology, Transportation, Marine navigation - you name it.

If Engineering and/or Science is not just what your diploma says but it is also the way you think and the way you approach problems to be resolved, the work environment and the way of life you strive for - then Software QA Testing is definitely the are where you will prosper real fast. We know that from 17 years of experience helping thousands (not hundreds) engineers and scientists just like you to establish themselves in the new professional field.

You will discover that most of the skills and qualities you have developed in yourself over years of employment and education are transferable when it comes to Software Quality Assurance Testing. Working with requirements, Quality control, writing and validating technical documentation - all these skills are very helpful in Software Testing.

Very often your knowledge of a particular professional field give you the job. We have seen doctors (new immigrants with limited communications skills) hired to test medical or hospital management software. We have seen mechanical engineers hired to test CAD applications. We have seen former accountants hired to test accounting and/or financial software applications.

It does not have to be necessarily how you get your first job. Your previous profession just broadens the QA job market for you sometimes, offering niches not available other job seekers with different professional backgrounds.