We are collaborating with 50+ companies and the list keeps growing. Please, understand, that needs of each and company change over time. Most likely we will not be able to place you with exact same company where your friend was accepted for an internship earlier.

Our Software Testing internships are limited to Silicon Valley companies, which offer learning opportunities and a friendly atmosphere to our graduates. The major company selection criteria are how much the project will benefit the intern at the time of entering the job market.

There is no way to assure that internship will (or will not) result in a job offer extended to the intern. Same with the terms of such a job offer.

Many students are looking for specific exposures at the time of their internships - platforms, tools, programming languages, test automation or white box testing projects. The School is not able to honor all the requests of that kind.

Companies, offering internships, are normally small in size, start ups venturing in new technology domain - mobile technologies, social networks, e-commerce. We do not place interns with software industry giants such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple, HP, or Oracle. We have many hundreds of graduates employed by those companies though.